X dress Massage

X dress Massage and X dress Services.

X dress massage and x dress services are a fun way to add a little something extra to your m2m massage! Whether you enjoy dressing-up yourself or would just like to enjoy seeing me in a naughty outfit as I massage you, I offer a discrete, friendly and open-minded opportunity for you to explore and enjoy this popular diversion from the stresses of life.

I’m happy to dress to your own preferences from secretary and schoolgirl to naughty nurse and dominatrix. If I don’t have the outfit of your choice, I’m always happy to buy it, or wear any items you’d like to bring along for me, be they your own, your wife’s/girlfriends or something you’ve chosen to buy for the occasion.
Just get in touch and I’ll let you know my sizes.

If you’re a TG or TS and you’ve been looking for a safe, discrete and understanding environment to explore your sexuality, my x dress massage could be just what you need to relax and enjoy some sensual downtime in friendly and
non-judgemental company….
I also offer a discrete, friendly environment for gentlemen to explore cross dressing with another male. I know that many of you can only “dress” on rare occasions and then only on your own. If you’d like to enjoy dressing with another person, I have a discrete, private apartment where you can relax and indulge your feminine side.
X dressing massage & services

X dress stockings

I’ve a great range of lingerie and heels for you to enjoy or why not bring your own items along when we meet?