Cuckold Massage

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Watch your wife enjoy a cuckold massage

Cuckold massage and intimate exploration for couples.

For many couples, the opportunity to explore a discrete experience with another man where the focus is on the lady can be a fantasy that can be hard to bring to life. Whether you’d just like to see your lady being sensually pampered or perhaps would like to explore further, watch her interact on a more intimate and sensual level with another male, my considerate and gentle “cuckold” massage can provide the opportunity for you both to explore in safe, friendly and considerate male company.

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Intimate interaction for your wife

There are many reasons why couples come to visit me for my “cuckold” massages. For some, due to a variety of reasons (injury, medical conditions etc) the gentleman may have problems in becoming erect or being able to perform. This can be frustrating for both of you and finding a discrete, friendly solution to helping the lady enjoy sensual and sexual experiences without the need to engage in an affair or enter the world of male escorts etc can be daunting. Your cuckold massage experience can be as interactive as you like…from just a relaxing sensual massage for your lady to more intimate interaction at whatever level you’re both comfortable with.

For others, it may have been a fantasy that they would like to explore in real life and feel that doing so in a controlled yet fun and understanding environment may be the way forward. Knowing that you have “control” over what happens, the level of intimacy and interaction allows you both to just relax and enjoy making your fantasy come to life.

For some couples, the fantasy can include the gentleman interacting with another male. I have some couples where the lady watches her man enjoying a m2m massage and intimate contact, whether purely for voyeuristic pleasure or to join in at some point.