Appointment Etiquette

At Zensation Massage Reigate we endeavour to create the perfect sensual massage for you. To help us make your Zensation massage an enjoyable experience for all, please take a little time to look through our etiquette guidelines below. Thank you.

We are always freshly showered and ensure we don’t use any scented body products for your discretion. We appreciate it’s not possible for everyone who visits us to be as fresh as they would like, so we have shower facilities available for you to freshen up both before and after your massage if required. If you’d like to freshen up before your massage, please arrive 10 minutes early so your shower time doesn’t impact on your massage session duration. If you’d like a shower after your massage, we will finish 5 minutes early to allow you time to refresh.

We appreciate you arriving a few minutes ahead of your appointment. This gives us time to ensure we are ready to meet you and prepare for your massage. We suggest 10 minutes before your appointment if possible please.

Sometimes it may occur that you find yourself unable to attend for your massage. We understand that life can get in the way, however we do appreciate being notified of any cancellation or possible late arrival as soon as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may have to cancel or postpone your massage.  Should you not turn up for your appointment without letting us know, then we may choose not to arrange any further appointments for you.

We do like you to interact with us during your massage. Our mutual boundaries will have been discussed at the time of making your booking and we appreciate all those we see respecting any levels of interaction that have been agreed between us. Please don’t offend us by asking for any activities beyond those already agreed. We will politely refuse, however continued requests may result in your massage finishing early.

Payment for your massage is appreciated at the start of your session. Our preferred payment method is cash, £GBP. Credit and debit cards can be accepted and will show discretely on your statement as “TM Services”

Zensation is discretely located. We understand your need for discretion and like to maintain our privacy too. Please consider this when arriving or leaving our premises.